בסיעתא דשמיא


Be jewish now!


With modesty comes numerous salvations!

Fortunate are you dear women! In light of the great awakening and the enthusiastic response we continue to draw near to our Father in Heaven and bring near the redeemer!  With the help of true modesty and holiness we will together raise up the Divine Presence from the dust.  Then we will walk together and be ready for the chupah in order to unite the young wife to her Beloved!  (THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED IS HE!)
The modesty project continues and we will strengthen ourselves till the complete redemption, with the mercy of Hashem!  
Personal commitments to increase the holiness of the Jewish camp:
 One should take out of our homes computers – even those without internet (unless essential for a livelihood and then only with Nativ or Etrog Internet). Recently many big Rabanim including Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky have proclaimed that “one must allow oneself to be killed and not to transgress it”    [again they stated, if needed for parnasa one should only use Nativ or Etrog to block unkosher internet] Best not to have: unkosher literature, unkosher plays and movies,  unkosher newspapers and radio programs, unkosher music and unkosher cell phones. You are advised to remove the above from one's home as they are very bad influences to the holy Jewish education of one's family and extended family!
One should Publish, copy, and give out material to merit the public – thereby increasing more merit for the nation of Israel.  Every woman who accepts upon herself with G-ds help to increase and improve holiness and modesty in herself, her home and her family- will merit to awaken great mercy in Heaven upon herself and her environment and will also merit to receive a blessing from the great Rabbis and those who donate will merit to have an olive oil memorial with prayers at the western wall (without any promises). 
Remember my dear sister that this personal commitment will stand up for your own personal merit with your Father in Heaven!  Every step that one takes in modesty is an important mitzvah and every  hour of modesty is like a precious diamond to the Holy One-Blessed be He!
Listed below phone numbers which will be answered between the hours of 8-22
·         In central Israel 03 6744906
·         In Jerusalem    0504141441, 026788888
·         In the South 08 610 8605
·         In the North 077 527 9291, 04 682 1548
·         Phone numbers  to hear stories of salvations 03 678 7440 ,  052 714 2065 
  Dear women who receive this flyer please copy it according to your means and give it out to friends and    family members and neighbors.  Thanks! May you merit Many Mitzvos!  Hashem is with you. 
Daughter of Israel
Dear Jewish woman: these Personal commitments are for the Honor of the Blessed Hashem and the Holy Divine Presence! Always keep in mind that a little progress in modesty is greatly valued – and is helpful and may be life-saving to the ENTIRE nation of Yisroel! 
Examples of useful acceptances in modesty.

Toe to head acceptances
1.       Simple shoes, low flat heels, dark colors without decorations, not shiny not noisy and covered toes   
2.       Avoid all see-through stockings and avoid skin colored, wear at least 70 dinar, preferably dark color. The skin should not be visible in sunlight.
3.       A very wide skirt that doesn’t reveal the shape/lines of the body at all - nor the personal walk. Straight skirts of any width should never be worn, and neither should one wear A-line skirts which are not wide enough. The shape of one's hips and legs must never be revealed while walking, climbing, nor when bending, even when covered by a skirt as this is definitely provocative. Very wide and deep pleats - all around and/or very full-gathered skirts are the safest skirt designs for the wise, modest woman.
4.       To never emphasis the waistline with belts or in any other way. Outlining, or emphasizing one's figure in part or in whole is forbidden.  
5.The longer the skirt the more praiseworthy YOU are! Many big rabbis rule that the shok which is Ervah is the entire leg down to the ankle, therefore a wise woman will stay on the safe side by wearing very loose and very wide skirts either floor length or shoe length.  Remember the shok is Ervah down to the ankle and stockings are an insufficient covering for this Ervah- even when they are super-thick such as heavy white sport socks. This Ervah should be fully covered with a skirt of appropriate length which fully covers the entire length of the shok plus 5-10 centimeters more. If the skirt causes one to trip and fall on it, it is advisable to buy a stiff and very wide slip like brides wear as this effectively pushes out and away the skirt from between the legs to prevent falls.  These are called tulle - netting slips. One is required to sacrifice for modesty. The more one sacrifices for modesty - in proportion to one's sacrifice is one's reward! Do this with happiness so that your reward will be infinitely greater yet!
6.       Shirts/blouses loose - fitting with long - sleeves until the hands. Long buttoned shirts made of a sturdy material.  A fabric that is not stretchy, not thin and not c lingy. Shirts/blouses must be at least ten centimeters wider than one's full bust measurement when sitting! Wider than this is praiseworthy. The blouse may not adhere to one's body at all, except for the collar and wrists. Use only dull or dark colors, but on Shabbos white is okay. The blouse and its sleeves must be long enough to ensure that it covers the body when bending down and when raising the hands uphigh
7.Neck covered till the last button so that nothing is seen and the collar bones should be covered  well 
8.       Kosher headcovering –no bright colours/designs- and covers all of the hair. (A large quiet colored scarf without decorations or fancy tying) Keep hair tidy with stiffening jell or headband, rubberband and/or head pins. There are two modest ways of tying.  The most modest is a folded triangle which is tied under the chin- like the peasant women or which is knotted in the nape 2x with the two ends resting loose on the shoulders is a second modest option.                      9.  A slit is forbidden even when below the knee
10. A woman's singing voice is Ervah from the age of  eleven and even her own father may not hear his  eleven year-old daughter sing even in a mixed group singing! Even when a woman is completely alone she may not sing or hymn a tune, as her voice can carry through an open window, thin walls or poor acoustics. The Ervah of a woman's singing voice is a very serious matter! Take Heed! You are forewarned-a word to the wise is sufficient! It is a very serious Torah prohibition.
     11.  When dealing with professional men be careful with yichud and unnecessary speech. Minimize conversation to a minimum!
12.     Nightgowns and housecoats are for sleep only. 
13. Whoever wears houserobes must follow all rules of modesty with regards to them- zippered is better in non - clinging sturdy fabrics and floor length is best.  Bright colors or fancy prints are not advisable.  Houserobes may cause strange men to feel very familiar and close, so please avoid wearing them in public. As most houserobes are made of see-through materials, one should only wear them with a non see-through slip or regular clothing underneath the houserobe.
14. Since it is a Torah prohibition for a man to gaze at a married woman, and for most men today's wigs even the synthetic or short ones are such a big stumbling block, a wise woman will never wear any wig before even one man, to not G-F cause any man to stumble in serious Torah sins - through her wig! Rabbi Eliyashiv, z'tsal ruled that most-all of today's wigs are at LEAST as immodest as one's own hair,  and in the category of Ervah mamash! In the merit of the righteous Jewish women of Eygpt we were redeemed from the exile of Eygpt and in the merit of the righteous Jewish women we will in the future be redeemed from exile. What must we learn from our forebears in Eygpt to make us worthy of the future redemption? In Eygpt, before leaving their dwellings, the righteous Jewish women smeared charcoal on their faces [can be obtained from burned matches]. This was done so that they won't be a stumbling block to any man, G-d forbid! This is the extent of self-sacrifice one needs to have for the goal of modesty, to open wide the doors of the Final Redemption, with kindness and mercy in place of all the troubles and tragedies! To our great misfortune we do just the very opposite! Isn't it a fact that we put on either our best clothes or our wig and/or make-up before leaving our homes? Those who desire the Final Redemption, with kindness and mercy must definitely overcome their inclinations and follow in the footsteps of those who earned the redemption from Eygpt by sacrificing for modesty, especially in public! For their husbands on the other hand, they applied make-up and perfume and used the copper mirrors to persuade their husbands to be fruitful, and they merited a great increase! As for the wigs, Rav Eliyashiv z'tsal stated clearly that there is no longer any halachic disputes on the Torah Prohibition of public wig - wearing and that this is a clear Torah prohibition, undoubtedly! It goes without saying that Rav Eliyashiv z'tsal was an enormous Giant in Torah and fear of Heaven and is the undisputable authority to guide us in all of these crucial issues: 073-233-8800, 24 hours press 13/14 Yiddish/Hebrew to hear his discussion on this timely topic. Would you be willing to considerably diminish your appearance, just as the righteous Jewish women in Eygpt did, before leaving home, if you knew that this is what it takes to bring the Final Redemption with kindness and mercy? Hashem also told the moon [that represents Jewish women] to go diminish itself! Undoubtedly the wigs of the last 40 years are provocative enough to cause men to stumble in serious Torah sins of gazing and fantasizing, which are considered to be more difficult than actual sins! Our Torah teaches that whoever influences/causes another to sin enters into their place to receive all their punishments! Causing/influencing the many to sin is even worse because one may lose one's portion in the next world G-d forbid! Rav Eliyashiv 's z'tsal firm stand was that the wigs are absolutel;y forbidden even in the house and for any kind of benefit [Purim]! This is due to the terrible impurity of the wigs on two counts: the prohibition of Ervah-immodesty, that is, indecent provocation to men and two: the very strong suspicion of gifts to idol-worship, which is also a very serious Torah prohibition! This is also considered to be a transgression of the Torah prohibition "Do not bring an abomination to your house", Devarim 7, 26!  The clear facts are in that almost all of the wig hair is purchased from India!  A rabbi went to India disguised as a priest to investigate all of this. India is totally steeped in idol-worship and tens of thousands of idol-worshippers daily shave off all of their hair to bestow the gift-sacrifice of their hair to the idol! Indian hair is so abundant that it can be sold relatively cheaply from the idol's priest to the wig manufacturers! After processing, even the biggest wig expert cannot differentiate between impure hair from India and European hair aside from its lower price and greater availability. Because the source and identity of this Indian hair, after processing, is not distinguishable from the European-origin hair, even by big hair experts, it is easy for the businessman to lie, since he cannot be discovered and caught, and therefore they sell Indian hair as European hair, doubling their profits! In business, profit is the name of the game and the truth has disappeared, one of the signs of the steps of the Messiah. So aside from the strong impurity of immodesty-Ervah in most of today's wigs chances are that some, if not all of your wig hair was also a gift to an idol in India and there is absolutely no way to investigate the truth after the fact without placing reliance on people and businessmen that have no authority nor trustworthiness in these kashruth's matters at all! We have many very clear testimonies to prove that those who are responsible for the Kashruth seals cannot be certain of the source of the wig hair either, and their wigs pass over many hands and it cannot be clearly verified that the original seller, did not lie and the chances are that he certainly did lie!  There is also a great deal of faking in this industry eg. Switching labels, removing shipping papers etc. All of the above comes from: "Guarding the Sanctity of the Camp" by Derech Ha Kodesh- POB 2757 Bnei Brak. Why all this uncertainty? Obviously Hashem expects more from us Jewish women. He expects us to work on our modesty! Therefore Hashem allows the wig industry to flourish despite all the lies! Hashem wants us to choose not to wear wigs for modesty reasons! The money that purchases these impure wigs gets distributed all over our country and is also in the category of gifts to idols! May Heaven protect us! You may wonder how the holy Jewish people started the custom of wearing wigs? This custom began with the Czar's evil decrees which forbade all the women to appear in public with a scarf on their heads!! The Czar's soldiers readily and strictly enforced this decree by chopping off both the scarf and the scalp of any woman who dared to transgress!! Rather than transgress Jewish Law and go outside without a headcovering or bareheaded the pious Jewish women chose the lesser of two evils and wore the primitive and ugly gentile wigs. At that time, it was a matter of saving Jewish life, both physically and spiritually! In those very ugly wigs, there was no transgression of provocation to males or immodesty , but there was the problem of "In their statutes do not go". When will we finally free ourselves from the evil, cruel decrees of the immoral gentiles? The only correction for today's wigs is to cut them up in small pieces and then dispose of them! May Hashem grant all Jewish families the strength/courage to uphold the sanctity of this unique, full-time mitzvah of completely modest headcoverings, during all    occasions, with joy and pride in our holy heretige!!
Acceptances outside of the home. 
1.       One should leave the home only for a real need.
2.To speak in a low gentle voice on the street and  also at work. In the work environment, one should keep all these acceptances even more strictly.    
3.       When a need arises to see a doctor, it is better to find a woman doctor even if it is more expensive.   
4.       Avoid at all costs, use of perfumes, & perfumed soaps, use of jewelry, and use of make-up, in public and around other men.  All of these are given to the woman for the strictly private enjoyment of her husband!

Explanations of the above modesty laws and their sources can be found in the book "Basi Le Ganee",  

  כתר מלכות - למען הקדושה והצניעות בהכוונת גדולי ישראל